A Game Changer in SAP BRIM Industry

Businesses looking to fuel the next wave of digital innovation in the current global scenario are not only looking forward to companies that are not just more efficient, but also much more effective in providing unique SAP Services. Neocred is one of the leading SAP Support partners when it comes to the digital/sales transformation for your business.

We solve business challenges using technology, build tech platforms and enable market-winning digital strategies with a clear focus on value realization and monetization.

We have a proven track record in delivering the most complex business use cases with 100% efficiency to address our clients’ evolving and complex sales transformation challenges.

Our differentiator is our SAP consultants who are experienced at the big four and other consulting firms, the development and execution of strategies, problem-solving skills that enable us to provide innovative business solutions based on SAP technology that will help businesses yield a higher return on investment (ROI).

A group of friends at a coffee shop
A group of friends at a coffee shop

Sales and Distribution (SD)

SAP SD consists of several sub-modules that can be configured to handle specific functions in the module:

  • SD Master Data (SD-MD) tracks each transaction that affects the SD module's data, including customer data, materials data, price condition records, and credit management.

  • SD Basic Functions (SD-BF) allows you to establish the basic functions that work across SD, such as pricing, goods availability check and credit management.

  • SD Sales (SD-SLS) handles the details of the sales process, such as customer data, products, pricing and feedback.

  • SD Shipping (SD-SHP) tracks the details of the shipping process, including when and how the order is shipped through to delivery or return.

  • SD Transportation (SD-TBA) works closely with SD-SHP and keeps track of all the transportation data involved in the shipment.

  • SD Foreign Trade (SD-FTT) handles the details related to foreign trade transactions, including both exports and imports.

  • SD Billing (SD-BIL) manages billing data, including the amounts of the transactions and methods of payment.

  • SD Sales Support (SD-CAS) handles the data generated in the interactions between customers and sales teams.

man holding phone white using MacBook
man holding phone white using MacBook